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Education & Transformation

St. Norbert School is situated on the outskirts of T. Narasipura town on the Mysore – Kollegala highway. It is set outside the hustle and bustle of the town, in a serene atmosphere. The school is managed by Jnanadeepthi Education Society (JDES), an educational initiative of Norbertine Fathers, Mananthavady, India. We believe that intellectual capital is the most dynamic commodity for the global economy in the new millennium. JDES envisions the development of the rural villages by providing quality education and better infrastructure facilities to the children.


St. Norbert School was founded in 2015 with a firm belief that education is the key for the development of any society. The school aims to provide quality education, leading to the transformation of children of T.Narasipura and its surrounding villages.   

Jnanadeepthi Education Society believes that….

  1. If a poor child gets the same opportunity for quality education like other students in the township, she/he can make radical changes towards a bright future.

  2. We cannot compare the people from the villages with those in cities or urban areas. People are unique and they need to be treated with their individuality.

  3. Village life is so entangled with caste system and it is very difficult to change their mind set and culture. So, education is the only solution for transformation.

  4. Any sort of change need to be initiated from families and therefore, great importance is given to the role of parents in education. 

  5. Well trained and experienced teachers are the backbone of any good school, and SNS is committed to that. 

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